NCR Country Club

Fiscal Responsibility

N.C.R. Employees Benefit Association dba NCR Country Club is a Not-for-Profit Corporation currently governed by a board of five operating members who are either current or former employees of NCR Corporation.  The board designates a President, Treasurer and Secretary.  The operating members have exclusive voting power in the Corporation.  To ensure NCR Country Club continually invests in it's future, no operating member has any right, title or interest in and to the property of the Corporation.  The board sets policies, maintains fiscal responsibility and meets with club management quarterly.  

In addition, we have an Advisory Board of Trustees comprised of eight members in good standing. These eight members represent all those whom this organization serves including geographic and special interest groups. They recognize their job is to ensure the organization is well managed, not to manage the organization. They are a trustee of the NCR Country Club and as such they ensure it is well maintained and always operated in accordance with our stated objectives. 

To continue to meet our current Member's expectations and recruit new members, yearly dues increases are a practice, with a portion of the dues set aside each year for capital projects and reinvestment in the club.  The daily management of the club is done by the General Manager/COO whom the board hires.


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